Digital Camera Tips For Beginners

September 13, 2018


I recently got a digital camera for my birthday and have been having fun learning how to use it. I’ve been all over town playing tourist and have already learned a lot through trial and error. Here are some of my camera tips for beginners.


1. Use it!


Get out there and use that camera. Yes, your pictures will be beginner pictures. They will not win awards and that’s ok. The wonderful thing about digital cameras is that you can delete as many pictures as you want. The goal is to take hundreds and thousands of pictures while learning how to use your camera and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Go forth, point, and click!


2. Read The Manual


Most of us aren’t excited to sit down and spend an hour reading a user’s manual but it is absolutely necessary. Don’t be afraid to take the manual with you when you are out taking pictures either. Sure, people will know you’re a beginner but who cares about them? There’s only one way to get proficient at something and that is to practice with intent. You can’t have intent if you have no idea what you are doing so figure out how to use your camera with the manual as soon as possible.


3. Change Your Perspective


Get up, get down, over, and under. Change the perspective from a direct eye level one and you’ll find you have some dynamic pictures. Since we see life from our own height we tend to think that’s the best way to get a photo but sometimes shooting from an angle or shooting from high up can be a more exciting way to capture that shot you’re after.


4. See Life Through A Different Lens


Forget rose colored glasses, have you tried shooting using a fishbowl lens? I find it helps to use different lenses with no judgement of your work. I took my camera out with the intention of using the fishbowl lens and guess what? I used it in ways that were definitely incorrect and didn’t look good but I gained valuable experience by doing it, reviewing the pictures, and learning from that experience. I now understand what type of shots are great to take using a fishbowl lens and which aren’t. Something I could learn in theory by reading made a much bigger impression on me by doing and is now a lesson I won’t soon forget.



Have fun taking pictures and let us know what your favorite tips are! Go forth, point, and shoot!



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